the little moments

You have all kinds of expectations when you travel to a new country. You think you’re going to be this incredibly adventurous person who is constantly scaling mountains or going cage diving in the Pacific ocean or traversing the wilderness with only the clothes on your back and a small canteen. This is the stuff of movies, of New York Times bestsellers.

But what happens when life turns to the mundane? When you just start living and realize that it isn’t possible to do the unbelievable on a regular basis?

Since coming to Australia, I’ve had a mix of moments. I’ve been here over a month now, so the initial novelty of being in a foreign country has started to wear thin. Sometimes I feel like I’m letting myself down by not going out and exploring more. After all, I came to be an adventurer and to create stories and memories I can tell the grandkids one day. But I’ve come to find that some of my favorite times here so far have been the little moments.

I love when Ben Rector (who I’ve been playing nonstop) says in one of his songs that life is not the mountain tops — it’s the walking in between. And that is SO TRUE. Some of my most cherished moments here have been spent just getting to know people and doing your average everyday things. Playing a game of Sequence here, grabbing coffee there. That’s what is so unique about this experience; sure, I get to live on the other side of the world, but I also get to become a part of something bigger. I have a whole new community of people to love now, how awesome is that?! I get to go to class and make friends and go to church and make friends and go to get coffee and make friends. Hell, I even make friends when I go to the toilet. Life is crazy, hey?

So yeah, life has slipped into normalcy. But I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.



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