You know, when I started this blog I didn’t really intend to continue using it after my return home. It was mostly just meant for curious relatives that I left behind in the States who wanted a glimpse into my Aussie life and to fulfill my requirement for my school’s intercultural office. I was going to detail my comings and goings so that I didn’t have to worry with catching every one up when I got home. But weirdly, this blog turned more into a journal where I bare my heart with you all (and by “you all,” I mean the maybe 5 people who accidentally stumble across this site lol). Weird.

It has been oddly therapeutic for me, though. I am not used to stopping and reflecting because I am always just on the go. I suppose that going into my senior year here at Messiah has made me a little sappy — and A LOT nostalgic. I cling to every photo from abroad, every little memory, every funny moment. I got to chat with my Aussie family for the first time in many weeks last weekend, and sometimes it feels like I never left Aus yet also like I’ve been gone for years. I also caught up with one of my best friends, Madison. I am so grateful for continued relationships despite the distance. These are people that I came to care about a lot — I never thought that I would become so invested in such a variety of lives. Yet here we are.

So there are little blessings to be found in the distance. The fact that people care enough to continue reaching out even after months of my absence speaks volumes to me. It is reassuring to know that I am cared about and that a relationship with me matters to them as their relationship matters to me. There is comfort in knowing that I was not a fleeting season in their lives, but rather someone who impacted them, because I know for a fact that they made a mark on my life.

As I go forward, continued prayers for clarity of direction and peace for my current place in life would be so appreciated and valued.

With love.

xoxo, Riss

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