riss lynn takes brisbane: round 2

I am two days into being back in Australia, and wow is it surreal. As I sat on my flights, I kept pinching myself to believe that it was happening. I feel like I have dreamed about and planned for this for so long – how can the time have actually arrived?!

The logistical side of my travels went off without a hitch (praise and blessings!!!). I will admit that I appeared quite confident to most people about trekking to other side of the world on my own, but in all honesty I was secretly waiting for the shoe to drop. Something catastrophic was surely bound to happen. I mean I didn’t even go through a travel agent this time – the planning was solely on me, and I was slightly stressed that I would possibly screw something up. But so far so good … I still have to get to New Zealand on Friday, but I have at least set a good precedent so far.

I am currently writing this at 2am, because what other time do you write a blog when jet lag wakes you up just a few short hours after you drift off to sleep? My body thinks its 11am right now. The confusion is so real.

I will say that despite the jet lag, though, I am a bit shocked that I am awake with the busyness since my arrival. I am staying with my host family again while on my holiday, and in typical Jefferson family style, the past two days have been packed full of all the things, from appointments to Christmas shopping to having friends over for a barbecue. It’s been a whirlwind, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My favorite thing, however, has been reconnecting with these dear friends of mine. In some ways it feels like it has been so long since we’ve seen each other, and in others it feels like no time has passed at all. We parted ways in June 2017, so in all reality it hasn’t actually been that long, but so. much. has. happened. They have had 3 more American students and a lovely Japanese student since hosting me, my sister Katie has gone to formal & graduated high school, and a whole host of other events have taken place. And of course, a lot has happened in my life as well. So in a sense, it has been a rather long year and a half.

But it’s cool to see how God brings people together and sustains relationships, even at a distance. I am so grateful for my Aussie community and stoked to meet some new friends in New Zealand very soon. I don’t know how people can journey through life without being a part of a community – the world is just so much richer when you connect with others and love people well.

I know this time will fly by, so I’m hoping to appreciate every moment of my visit.

Now back to trying to sleep!!

xoxo, Riss

Cover photo credit to Alyssa Migliaro 🙂

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